Plastic extrusion process and machines

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Our business in brief

Supply of used equipment and reconstructed with high added value , thanks to a team of specialized technicians all from extrusion business.

  • Complete plastic extrusion process for pipes, profiles, recycling :
  • Second hand extrusion lines completely rebuilt.
    • Training and installation on site.
    • Maintenance on sites.
    • A large range of spare parts.
    • Screws and barrels mono, double screws parallel or conical :
    - Refurbishment of second hand elements.
    - New elements under your specifications

Our services

Present over 5 continents


• Refurbishment of existing screws / barrels with dimensional control.
• Supplying of new screws and barrels.
• Single screws, parallel and conical double screws.
• Laser and plasma threatment. Exclusiv patent for the screws reinforcement.



Control and refurbishment of your gearboxes.
• Rupture and disfonctioning diagnostic on your site.
• Axes, bearings, wheels replacement.
• Manufacturing of wheels under original specifications (dimensions, treatment).
• Assembling and tests on your site.



Second-hand and new machines 2000 m² stocking area :
- Complete line
- Individual machines
- Acillary machines (grinders, mixers, feeders, water chillers,...)
• HAMATEC partnership for the supplying of pipes and profiles downstream equipments.
• HABERER Technologie & Vertrieb partnership for the supplying and refurbishment of screws and barrels


Recycling lines

• The supply of complete recycling lines (granulation) for PEHD /BD, PP, PVC raw materials. • The manufacture of new down stream recycling lines in partnership with HAMATEC.
• Second-hand extruders rebuilt
- Output: 50 to 800 kg/h.
- New hot face cutter system from HAMATEC
- New strand granulation system from HAMATEC
- Ancillary equipment: Manual, semi-automatic or automatic filters, feeding systems, transferral into big bag.


mixers and chambers

Complete refurbishment of PVC mixers.
• Refurbishment of hot chambers with new internal wall, stainless steel until12mm thickness.
• Mechanical control on the gearboxes and axes.
• Refurbishment of mixing tools.
• New inverters and motorisations for a better mixing cycle.
• New electrical cabinet with automat for a working cycle optimisation.


Our machines

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